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April 27, 2014 Bulletin

One Pressing Question

Every time I get into a discussion with a person over the differences in our faith it inevitably comes down to the same question; “What is the gospel?” In short, the gospel is a Person. The content of our faith is completely tied to the True Person and True Work of the Lord Jesus Christ; who He is and what He did is everything in the gospel. The Word of God is our only source of light and truth in answering this most pressing question. ‘Sanctify them through thy truth, thy word is truth.’ Jn. 17:17 God’s word is a revelation of the person and work of Christ.  However, using biblical terms to answer these questions is not sufficient IF one is guilty of changing the meaning of those terms. Truth is, if words have meaning, and they do, God’s word must be believed for what it means. To say I believe all men are sinners because the bible says so, and then give those same men the ability to accept Christ by their own free will, is to deny what a sinner is. To say I believe that Jesus is the Christ because the bible says so, but then to deny His success in accomplishing the full salvation of all Israel is to change the title Christ to ‘christ wannabe’. To say I believe that Christ kept the law of God perfectly because the bible says so, and then to use that same law as a standard to prove men’s salvation, is to deny that Christ is in fact the end of the law for righteousness. To say I believe salvation is of grace and not of works and then to make the accomplished work of Christ contingent on something I do, is to change grace to works. To say I believe Christ raised from the dead because the bible says so, and then to suggest in any way that there is something left for us to do in order to secure our salvation, is to change the glorious truth of the resurrection from a declaration of Divine satisfaction to a mere historical event. We could go on to every precious truth declared in God’s word about the Lord Jesus Christ. Only when Christ is preached according to the scriptures does the gospel become the power of God unto salvation. God has never used a false prophet’s preaching to effect the salvation of one of His children. Satan is a counterfeiter by nature.  The Lord said he was a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’, an ‘angel of light’ a ‘minister of righteousness’. We ought not be surprised that he would use God’s word to spread his lies. All he has to do is change it’s meaning a little.  A little leaven leaveneth the whole loaf.  Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees. It destroys the gospel. — Pastor Greg Elmquist

The Preaching of the Word

1 Peter 1: 25 Pastor Darvin Pruitt   Someone said the word of God is like a large puzzle that is made up of a lot of pieces. Each piece is significant but only as it is connected to the whole. It is not until the pieces are assembled together that we can see the image which it was designed to display. There are exactly as many pieces in a scrambled puzzle as there is in a finished one. But there is a huge difference: One leaves you guessing and the other reveals the image. Gospel preaching connects the pieces and reveals Christ in His glory. The Pharisees were experts on the pieces but ignorant of Christ. Most preachers and Bible teachers, in our day, are the same way. Like babies playing with the pieces they try to force things that fit which were never designed to be joined. Those who preach but do not preach Christ, do not preach the gospel and have no understanding of the word of God. The gospel that brings about the regeneration of Gods saints is “the word which by the gospel is preached unto you.” (1 Peter 1: 25)

God Put Me in the Ministry

1 Timothy 1:12 I am a preacher because of God’s call and God’s gift. God put me in the ministry. Supernaturally, mysteriously, God opened the door. God gave me the message. God gave me the gifts. God sent me on this mission. God gave me this stewardship. God gave me this dispensation. I didn’t seek it. I didn’t volunteer for it. I didn’t covet it. As an old preacher once put it, “I neither thought it, nor sought it, nor bought it.” But God put me in the ministry. I am a preacher of the Gospel because I have been called of God to be a preacher of the Gospel. I cannot find any man in the Bible who volunteered to be a prophet or a preacher, except a false prophet. I cannot find a man, anywhere in the Word of God, who went to school to prepare to be a preacher, or prepare for the ministry. You will not find any man in this Book who was called to be a prophet or a preacher who was not a prophet or preacher. It is the call of God that makes a man a preacher; and the making of the preacher that is the call of God. —Don Fortner