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November 9, 2014 Bulletin

The Word of God plainly, clearly and throughout, teaches that man by nature is contrary and opposed to God in every way.  For example, God by nature is infinitely and immutably holy – man by nature is unchangeably and incurably sin; God is light – man by nature is darkness; God is truth – man’s whole life by nature is a lie; God is infinitely good – man by nature is inherently and unchangeably bad.  In a word, man is a natural born enemy of God (Rom. 5:6-11).  In fact, the natural man’s mind is enmity against God – not merely at enmity but enmity itself! (Rom. 8:5-7). Thus men by nature love darkness and deception rather than God’s Word, God’s truth (John 3:19).  Therefore man’s greatest need is to be reconciled to God.

It is a continual burden on my heart that so many preachers of our day, rather than preaching God as He is to sinners as they are (“Sinners in the hands of an angry God), are preaching a god who is palatable to fallen human nature, a god whose chief attribute is love rather than holiness, a god who loves everybody the same, a god who gave his son as a sacrifice for the sins of all mankind, a god who is trying to save all men, These preachers, for personal advantage and gain (the good opinion of man and numbers), are preaching a false god, a false gospel; thus giving their hearers a false hope.  Their disciples have never been brought to bow before God as mercy seekers.  How could they?  They have never heard the truth about God, and thus do not realize their awful condition and desperate need as they stand before the true God of the Bible.  God can only be worshiped by beggars, broken and bowed down before His sovereign throne of glory and grace.

Dear brothers and sisters, “Pray the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest” (Matt. 9:38).

—-Maurice Montgomery

“For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.”     Romans 10:11

We have before us in these words a simple statement of the way of salvation. The way of salvation is to believe on Christ.

What is believing on Him? It is trusting in HIM. The language is not “believe Him,” – such belief is a part of faith, but not the whole. We believe everything which the Lord Jesus has taught, but we must go a step further, and trust Him. It is not even enough to believe in Him, as being the Son of God and the anointed of the Lord; but we must believe on Him, just as in the building the builder takes his stone and lays it on the foundation. There it rests with all its weight and there it abides. The faith that saves is not believing certain truths, nor even believing that Jesus is a Saviour; but it is resting on Him, depending on Him, lying with all your weight on Christ, as the foundation of your hope. Believe that He can save you. Believe that he will save you. Leave the whole matter of your salvation with Him in unquestioning confidence. Depend upon Him without fear as to your present and eternal salvation. This is the faith which saves the soul.                                                                                                                       —C.H Spurgeon

“At evening-time it shall be light”

Zech. 14:7

The Lord sometimes, and perhaps not unfrequently, induces darkness, that his light may be more striking. He hedges up his people’s way with thorns, that the almighty hand, which removes them, may be more plainly seen. Oh! it is blessed to be brought low, to be surrounded sometimes with difficulties, to see no way of escape, and all human resources fail, purposely that our extremity may be the Lord’s opportunity, and when we are most low, Jesus may be most exalted. My soul! Is it now even-tide in the soul, as it is eventide in the day? Art thou stripped, humbled, convinced of thy nothingness? Oh! Look to all-precious, all-suitable Jesus. Hear what the Lord saith: “When the poor and the needy seek for water, and there is none, and their tongue faileth for thirst, I, the Lord. Will hear them; I, the God of Israel, will not forsake them. I will open rivers in dry places, and fountains in the midst of vallies.” “At evening-time it shall be light.”

—By: Robert Hawker

A Victorious Ride

Matthew 21: 1-11

When our Lord rode into Jerusalem, on the wild asses colt, it was a deliberate declaration to all men that the King had come.  No king before him ever came into this city like this king.  All the others had come into Jerusalem by chariot and in all the royal pomp and pageantry of their kingdom.  But, not the King of Israel;  He came in meekness and lowliness riding upon the foul of an ass.  Yet none before, or since, ever displayed such sovereignty and power.  He gave commandment concerning the ass and her colt to be taken without permission.  He sat upon the wild asses colt without ever being broken.  He caused a city bent on his destruction to throw their clothes in the road and cry Hosanna to the King.  His path was uninterrupted by their Roman captives though the whole city acknowledged his title.  What I see in his triumphant ride into Jerusalem is how our Lord rides triumphantly into the hearts of his people. by the declaration of his glorious person and work and the invisible power of the Holy Ghost, causing his path to be irresistible.  Everything required to establish his name to his people was manifested as he came into their abode.  The scriptures were fulfilled, providence was ordered, and all his enemies made to participate in the work.  May the Lord be pleased today to ride into our hearts and cause us to cry out in hope:  Hosanna!  Hosanna to the King.                                                    – Darvin Pruitt



God be thanked for the simplicity of the gospel. The longer I live the more I bless God that we have not received a classical gospel, or a mathematical gospel, or a metaphysical gospel. It is not a gospel confined to scholars and men of genius, but a poor man’s gospel, a ploughman’s gospel; for that is the kind of gospel which we can live upon and die upon.  It is to us not a luxury of refinement, but the staple food of life.  We want no fine words when the heart is heavy, neither do we need problems when we are lying upon the verge of eternity, weak in body and tempted in mind.  At such times we magnify the blessed simplicity of the gospel.  Jesus in the flesh, made manifest, becomes our soul’s bread.  Jesus bleeding on the cross, a substitute for sinners, is our soul’s drink.  This is the gospel for babes, and strong men want no more.

–C. H. Spurgeon